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Your students navigate through dozens of different applications whether on their desktops, mobiles or tablets. Managing seamless yet secure access to these applications, through user’s unique digital identity is essential for a better user experience. That’s why BlackBeltHelp provides a clean, transparent, secure, process driven identity and access management platform. 


BlackBeltHelp Password Manager 

Bid adieu to your ‘forgot password’ woes and the ordeal of remembering multiple usernames & passwords. Empower your users with self-service password management.  

  • Password Recovery: Help users recover expired passwords through multi-factor authentication. 
  • Expiry Notifications: Set and manage password expiry notifications to facilitate updating of passwords. 
  • Security Questions: Pick from our pool of questions or set your own questions for recovery. 
  • Recovery by Email/Phone: Recover passwords through the use of phone or email (primary/secondary). 
  • Reports: Get insightful reports on password resets, accounts that have MFA configured. 
Integration to Identity | BlackBeltHelp

BlackBeltHelp Single Sign On 

Enabling a 1- click access to all your essential apps 

  • Self Service Single Sign-on 
  • In Built App Suite 
  • Powerful Reporting & Analytics 
  • Role-Based Access Control 
  • Pay-as-you-go Licensing 
  • Security Pit-Stop 
  • Self-help Knowledgebase 
  • Limiting App Usage 


Single Sign-On | BlackBeltHelp
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