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We understand that data is fundamental for institutional success. Whether it is having a clearer view of historical student data or having actionable insights into which of their strategies are yielding results, all leading institutions today swear by analytics.  

Realizing how crucial analytics and various data-driven metrics are to institutions, we provide our partner colleges and universities real-time visibility into a number of key service functionalities like Average Speed to Answer, First Call Resolution Rates, Customer Satisfaction, number of interactions, high-priority tickets.  

Our institution-facing, analytics-run dashboards enable our clients to monitor what’s working for them and give them insights into the type of issues their students face, informing their future investment decisions. 


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Handles multiple end users at the same time

Measurable service benchmarks:  

Institutions can easily monitor and measure various student service benchmarks like Average Speed to Answer, First Call Resolution Rate, Hold times, Average talk time, Customer Satisfaction, high-priority tickets.  

Cost-effective solution

Insights into support issues  

Our dashboard informs various decision makers about the type of issues their student body faces. The platform shows a monthly upsurge or decrease in the issues their students are seeking assistance for which facilitates a review of concerned systems or tools. 

Handles multiple end users at the same time

Evidence-based decisions 

Through our analytics-driven platform, decision makers can discern patterns into their student body’s behavior. They get foresights into their students’ preferred mode of communication, the type of issues they face, the number of students reaching out for support. These figures inform their decision making with evidence-based insights. 

Cost-effective solution


Administrators’ ability to look into key support metrics gives them real-time insights into the quality of services their students are experiencing. This allows them to gauge whether we are delivering on the service levels we promised.

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