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BlackBeltHelp Launches Artificial Intelligence(AI) for Higher Education to Automate Over 50% of IT Help Desk Support

AI saves time and money!

(June 29, 2017) Cleveland, OH: BlackBeltHelp, the leading Help Desk support and Artificial Intelligence company, today announced that they are launching Artificial Intelligence for Higher Education to Automate Over 50% of IT Help Desk Support.

Problem Statement

Technology and student services play a pivotal role in higher education. There’s an evident rise in the level of help desk support demanded by students, faculty & staff, today. They seek convenience, increased channels of support and more availability. As the once widely accepted 9-5 service model is no longer meeting demand, Institution IT Departments are challenged to meet such increasing demand due to reduced resources.

BlackBeltHelp has been successfully providing IT Help Desk Services to 200+ institutions in the higher education space, globally, for more than 6 years. “50% of the help desk queries that we receive from these institutions are related to Password Reset. Most of the agent’s time and energy is consumed by this repetitive task of resetting the passwords”, says RonBhalla, CEO of BlackBeltHelp.

According to research by Gartner, 20-50% of a service desk’s call volume is just password reset. Also, a Whitepaper: Help Desk Security and Privacy Survey by SANS highlights that password reset is the most common and repetitive task that help desk agents deal with.

PricewaterhouseCoopers and Meta Group conducted a research to reach out on a conclusion that help desk tickets for password resets cost on average $60.93 per users annually, not just this but 45% of total help desk calls are for password resets. An institution with 5,000 FTE’s can save approximately $300,000 annually by implementing AI for Password Reset.

Here are few other top challenges that are being tackled by IT professional in higher education:

» Unstructured phone calls and walkup requests

» Long resolution times and lost issues

» Repetitive manual tasks leading to clerical mistakes

» Agent burnout

When the help desk doesn't respond fast enough, the mean time to resolution is longer, and frustration in your students, faculty, and staff increases. These results include declining customer satisfaction and lost enrollments. These are the facts. Whatever steps necessary must be taken to speed up responsiveness and resolutions to ensure student success.

BlackBeltHelp’s AI Solution

Recently BlackBeltHelp launched Artificial Intelligence for Higher Education to address the challenges in IT support in Higher Education. Everything from information on learning management systems, password resets, computers, desktop, smart phones, network connectivity, printers or scanners can be addressed within seconds resulting in the highest level of engagement and student satisfaction.

The BlackBeltHelp AI product serves four main purposes:

» Scale up support for students by automating responses to frequently asked questions

» Provide IT officers more data and insight to challenges faced by students

» Get personalized help to the students who need most it by reducing the amount of repetitive conversations

» Save time and money by resolving repetitive queries

BlackBeltHelp’s Artificial Intelligence Advantages:

» 10x faster resolution to student inquiries related to IT

» Ability to automate personalized messages to frequently asked questions

» Handle multiple end users at the same time

» Super low cost of maintenance

How to Adopt Artificial Intelligence at Your Institution

Institutions that have interest in piloting Artificial Intelligence can enroll in BlackBeltHelp's Early Adopter program. This program provides selected partner institutions significant discounts on Artificial Intelligence product implementation. Contact us to learn more about Artificial Intelligence Early Adopter program.

About BlackBeltHelp

BlackBeltHelp has been a leading provider of help desk products and services ranging from IT, LMS, admissions & enrollments, financial aid, advising to Facilities and Switchboard, in the US higher education landscape for past 6 years. We aim to increase student and institutional success by providing excellent help desk products and services, leveraging innovative technologies.
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