Being in the higher education industry for over 6 years we understand that it can get tedious and time consuming for the commuter students.

The most common issues being faced by commuter students are:

  • Wireless connectivity issues
  • Password issues
  • Parking issues
  • School/building/classroom Map
  • Personal computer sign ins during class
  • Off sight housing (getting an apartment off campus) and Internet

Here is how BlackBeltHelp navigates commuter student life to provide them amazing experience:

  • Self Help Knowledge Base
  • Administrative password reset
  • Provide them resolution with limited redirection to onsite team
  • Provide them with a detailed information of the person to meet along with room location, details, and timings.
  • Parking assistance
  • Counselling – How students can make best use of non-productive hours

Get in touch with us and learn more about how to resolve the challenges faced by commuter student and create an unforgettable customer experience by partnering with BlackBeltHelp. Speak to one of our customer experience specialists today!

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