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BlackBeltHelp Launches a Pre-Built COVID-19 Chatbot at ZERO COST

June 2020, KY: We are pleased to announce the launch of our FREE Pre-Built COVID-19 Chatbot to help higher education institutions in dealing with increased support requests. The Chatbot delivers quick, accurate, and automated answers regarding COVID-19 to the students and can be set-up within a week.

There has been an overwhelming increase in student questions around COVID-19 due to the seismic shift of face-to-face teaching and learning online. BlackBeltHelp is providing COVID-19 Chatbot at no cost to help higher education institutions in focusing on more complex and high-value tasks. Implementing the Chatbot will ensure that students get answers to their questions without waiting in lengthy queues over the phone.

BlackBeltHelp assists institutions in communicating information quickly and accurately to students by:

• Reducing support costs and increasing efficiency
• Automating high volume of COVID-19 questions via web and mobile
• Answering repetitive COVID-19 specific questions
• Providing COVID-19 specific information in 20+ languages


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(Offer valid until June 30th, 2020).

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