Simplify Advisor

An Omnichannel, Integrated AI-Based Platform that Enables Institutions to Reduce Service Delivery Costs while Improving the Student Experience

Displays View-Only Data to Quickly and Accurately Resolve Student Queries

Simplify Advisor is a consolidated platform for addressing support requests related to IT and student services throughout the entire lifecycle. Advisors will finally have a consolidated and complete view of student data in the real-time to serve students quickly and efficiently while driving down service delivery costs.

It brings together disparate student data to a single consolidated view that drives-up accuracy of answers and increases the first call resolution for student requests. This technology leverages information from enterprise applications to feed into the advisor desktop and serves students with real-time information for their questions, making front-line staff more efficient. It enables institutions to improve student service and student satisfaction while reducing administrative and staffing costs.


Administrative Features of Simplify Advisor

Integrates with institution’s enterprise applications
It integrates with the institutions’ ERP/SIS, ITSM, LMS, CRM, and other applications through APIs.

Helps advisors in creating tickets from within the tool
It is designed to help advisors in quickly creating, escalating, and closing tickets for students’ requests from the advisor desktop itself.

Easy navigation from one screen to end student shuffle on-campus or remotely
Advisors can accurately provide information to students for their requests arising around the entire lifecycle from a single screen instead of navigating through different applications.

Create, view, and manage student interaction tickets
Each interaction is tracked to enable advisors to view the student interaction touchpoints and deliver personalized service.

Benefits of Simplify Advisors

 Benefits of Simplify Advisors

Reduces operational costs

Simplify Advisor - First Contact Resolution Advisor

Increases the first contact resolution rate

 Simplify Advisor Student Questions Handling

Reduces average handling time for student questions

 Simplify OneStop Advisor

Advisor don’t have to transfer the call to different departments

  Simplify Advisor - Increases accuracy of answers

Increases accuracy of answers

 Simplify Advisor - Positive Student Experience

Delivers a positive student experience

Simplify AI Chatbot


Chatbot & Voicebot to assist students with self-service support options that helps institutions in reducing the support costs.

Ability to automate personalized messages to FAQs


Delivers relevant information for students’ multiple requests at a single place while reducing the number of help desk interactions.

Handles multiple end users at the same time


A single dashboard view with unified access to information allows institutions to measure, monitor, and manage the service benchmarks.

Cost-effective solution


Delivers 24x7 personalized support to students for their diverse requests that arise throughout their academic lifecycle.

Handles multiple end users at the same time

SIMPLIFY Contact Center

A cloud-based contact center solution that enables multi-modal student support whether staff are working on campus or at home.

Handles multiple end users at the same time


A personalized & focused outbound SMS campaign to communicate right information to students that empowers them to take a specific action.

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