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BlackBeltHelp Lexicon®

Knowledge Management & Insta-Alerts Software

BlackBeltHelp’s Lexicon is a public knowledge base which empowers an institution’s students and faculty to solve their problems on their own, cutting down the institution’s help desk costs and reducing the problem resolution time. From enabling your help desk agents to find the right answers faster to student self-service, Lexicon is your institution’s own search engine for guided resolution to any user issues.

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Features Of Lexicon

Cloud Base Knowledge Base

Improve agent productivity

With a cloud-based knowledge base, agents can quickly and easily locate, access, and provide the accurate answers to customers. Knowledge sharing with any computer or mobile device is only one click away. Customer service agents can also contribute to the knowledge base and ensure that the right answers are always accessible to all authorized users.

Student Self Help Portal

Helps customers help themselves

Publish your knowledge base at your institution’s website, customer portal, or embed it into a public customer-facing portal and allow your end-users to self-help. Lexicon is accessible from all mobile devices to provide you an effortless customer experience.

Streamline your knowledge management process

Streamline your knowledge management process

Lexicon is a KCSv5 verified knowledge base ensuring the accuracy of articles, enabling our support staff to update and maintain articles while leveraging reports for smarter decision-making.

BlackBeltHelp Insta-Alerts portlet

Send instant alerts to your end-users

The Insta-Alerts portlet provides administrators with a straightforward way to communicate valuable information to users. Users get a unified view to check application up/down status. Native Integration with your ticketing system allows email alerts to modify displayed status.

Why Do You Need Lexicon?

Lexicon Help Desk

Reduces the number of helpdesk interactions

Decreases support costs

Decreases support costs

Empowers end-users

Empowers end-users

It is cost-effective

It is cost-effective

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