Faculty and academic researchers expect all their tools to work every day. This can include research software help, teaching aids, and communication tools with students. They also need Tier 2 level support for complex issues and support.

The most common issues being faced by the faculty:

  • Classroom Issues/emergencies (lights out, insects, ceiling/water damage)
  • Facilities (bathrooms, laundry, electrical) issues
  • Weather/inclement closings
  • Graduation/Commencement
  • New Account setups
  • Course shell not available, incomplete
  • Available options within LMS courses

Here is how your faculty gets an amazing experience from BlackBeltHelp:

  • Specialized Tier 2 help desk
  • Classroom Emergency Mobile App
  • Call back service
  • Click to call service
  • Auto user identification
  • Remote screen assistance

Get in touch with us and learn more about how to resolve the challenges faced by your faculty and create an unforgettable customer experience by partnering with BlackBeltHelp. Speak to one of our customer experience specialists today!

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