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Northwestern Michigan College Increases Student Engagement Using BlackBeltHelp’s After-Hours IT Help Desk Services

January, 2018: BlackBeltHelp, a leading provider of premium quality help desk products and services in the US higher education industry, is delighted to announce that Northwestern Michigan College has chosen BlackBeltHelp for after-hours IT Help Desk support. BlackBeltHelp will provide IT Help Desk support to Northwestern Michigan College after business hours, and on weekends and holidays when the college’s staff is off duty.

BlackBeltHelp’s after-hours support to Northwestern Michigan College will help the college ensure that their end-users have round-the-clock assistance and their IT issues are resolved as soon as they arise. BlackBeltHelp’s proficient customer service agents will tend to the college’s end-users’ problems and ensure their timely resolution. Working as an extension of Northwestern Michigan College’s team, BlackBeltHelp will ensure that someone is always there to address the challenges their end-users face.

Under this engagement, BlackBeltHelp will conduct proper documentation and periodic service performance checks. BlackBeltHelp’s agents will resolve the college’s IT issues through web forms, via emails, phone calls and over chat. Service provider will perform the following functions for Northwestern Michigan College to provide its users a seamless experience:

BlackBeltHelp will perform the following functions for Southeast Technical College to provide its users an effortless experience:

» Resolve end users’ queries related to IT, instantly

» Provide after-hours support including weekends and holidays

» Escalate issues to on-site technicians in case they remain unresolved

» Provide cost-effective services

Service Level Agreements Include:

» Phone Average Speed to Answer: 60 Seconds on a per month basis >= 80%

» Email and Ticket Average Speed to Answer: < 2 hours on a per-month basis

» Chat Average Speed to Answer: < 3 minutes on a per month basis

» First Call Resolution: > 80%

About Northwestern Michigan College

Founded in 1951, Northwestern Michigan College is a fully accredited community college offering 104 transfer, career degree and certificate programs. Northwestern Michigan College serves more than 50,000 learners annually throughout the Grand Traverse region and beyond.

About BlackBeltHelp

BlackBeltHelp has been a leading provider of help desk products and services ranging from IT, LMS, admissions & enrollments, financial aid, advising to Facilities and Switchboard, in the US higher education landscape for past 6 years. We aim to increase student and institutional success by providing excellent help desk products and services, leveraging innovative technologies.
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