BlackBeltHelp Password Manager

BlackBeltHelp Password Manager is a web-based application that provides an easy-to-implement and use, yet highly secure, password management solution. As a responsive web application, it can be restructured and applied on the user’s favorite device such as desktop, mobile and tab, enabling them to self-manage their password security profile by setting up recovery emails and security questions.

BlackBeltHelp’s Password Manager Key Features

  • Password Manager:
    a) Enable MFA by Email Verification in addition to Security Questions
    b) Option to Allow Verification through Primary Email
    c) Option to Allow Verification through Secondary Email
    d) Option to Read Primary or Secondary Email from AD
    e) Option to Update Primary or Secondary Email in AD
    Total of 15 Configuration Styles Available.
  • Password Expiry Notifications:
    a) Enable Expiry Notifications
    b) Configure Notification Text
    c) Configure Notification Period
    d) Configure Notification Duration Interval
    e) Custom Link to Reset Password
  • Reset Password of Expired Accounts:
    a) Custom Link to Reset Password
  • Reports:
    a) Total No. of Accounts which have security questions configured
    b) Administrator can choose to clear security questions for a specific user or all users.
  • Custom Email Replay:
    a) Use Default BlackBeltHelp Relay or Customize Relay Servers

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