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Leverage Institutional Data to Identify At-Risk Students & Drive Timely Interventions.

With online learning becoming the new norm and growing advisor to student ratio, identifying students in need of help or at-risk of attrition can be an uphill task. BlackBeltHelp’s AI-based, OneStop platform makes it an easy one by providing actionable data-driven insights and helping institutions intervene timely to guide these students towards graduation.

BlackBeltHelp Platform helps institutions unify all applications into a single, easy-to-use dashboard to drive institutional processes, build integrated ecosystems and accelerate student success. We use powerful, intuitive software applications capable of automated data sharing and workflow integrations to offer your end-users a seamless customer service experience.

OneStop Platform

Why Should You Transition To Our Platform?

Access dashboards via web or mobile

Get a single, customized view of your institutional data

Get early alerts

Identify at-risk students

Make data-driven decisions

Drive timely interventions

Enhance the student experience

Increase enrollment and retention

Achieve student and institutional success

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