Press Releases

BlackBeltHelp is pleased to announce a Strategic Business Partnership with EesySoft, a prominent provider of ed-tech tools

April 2019: EesySoft, a leading provider of education technology tools, specializes in providing support and communication solutions for the higher education market. The Company renders technology adoption toolkit to the institutions for the Learning Management System - Canvas to improve their teaching and learning. The Smart Application Support measures the real-time usage statistics and takes adequate data-driven actions to optimize and improve support.

BlackBeltHelp’s products and services are designed to cope up with the challenges in an ever-progressive higher education landscape contending with declining support budgets, and rising student expectations. BlackBeltHelp, having over 200 higher education clients across US and Canada, provides round-the-clock hi-tech ERP, SIS, and LMS help desk support.

EesySoft provides customizable inline messages 24x7 within the LMS to overall maximize the value of the learning technology and promote functionality. Additionally, data-driven actions can be taken to focus on the outcomes of the student experience.

With this partnership, BlackBeltHelp and EesySoft desire to serve their user institutions better by citing each other’s cost-effective and high-quality solutions to their clients and sharing the best practices for LMS support.

This collaboration will benefit each company’s client-base as we strongly believe that students and faculty should be supported as and when in need to optimize the end-user experience. By combining EesySoft’s quality technology adoption package for the respective LMS with BlackBeltHelp’s extensive, centralized support services, this partnership establishes a beneficial event for all the parties.

BlackBeltHelp provides an array of other student services and applications including comprehensive IT support for several LMSs to deliver an integrated experience that the modern student expects. By partnering with EesySoft, we will be able to provide instant in-application support to enhance user satisfaction and lower the support costs.