BlackBeltHelp SSO-
Single Sign-On Solutions

"I forgot my username and password!" is one of the most common problems when managing multiple desktop and internet applications. BlackBeltHelp SSO addresses this problem by enabling users to use one username and password to login into all of their websites and enterprise software applications on any devices.

BlackBeltHelp SSO

Key Features

  • Portal Integration
    Proven excellence in Portal Integrations such as Sharepoint, Blackboard Learn, LookingGlass, Liferay, Luminis, JICS and much more.
  • Directory Sync
    Syncs with active directory, any open LDAP, or even multiple directories. It authenticates the users through their domain controller.
  • Secure Authentication Mechanism
    SAML (Security Assertion Markup Languages), LDAP SSO (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol), Federated SSO, and CAS Single Sign On is been utilized to provide end users a secure SSO Login.
  • Password Manager
    Password Manager automates AD/LDAP passwords reset requirements such as Forgotten Password Access, Self-Service Password Reset, Password Synchronization, Password Expiration Warning
  • Provisioning & De-provisioning
    Centralized user account management, allowing the creation and deletion of a user account, roles, rights, and content- for various application environments.
  • Desktop SSO
    Desktop Single Sign-On is natively installed on any Windows® computer. Users who are signed into their Windows® network are signed into QuickLaunch SSO automatically without having to enter anymore credentials.
  • Mobile SSO
    Easy secured access to applications through mobile devices i.e. tablets, iPads, and cellphones etc.

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