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BlackBeltHelp's AI Bot - Neo

Our AI-enabled Bot provides your end-users immediate access to support 24/7, anytime, anywhere . Our intelligent Bot lets your customers solve their support issues immediately and reduces the number of help desk interactions, reducing your support costs. It handles multiple users simultaneously and transfers the issue to a live agent in case the issue requires human expertise.

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Departments BlackBeltHelp AI Bot Support

Faster resolution of end-users’ queries


Sample Inquires Handled

  • I forgot my password
  • I need to connect my playstation to the network
  • I can’t see my course
  • I need a new phone setup
Ability to automate personalized messages to FAQs


Sample Inquires Handled

  • Did you receive my financial aid application?
  • What documents am I missing?
  • How much is my financial aid?
Ability to automate personalized messages to FAQs

Admissions / Enrollment Management

Sample Inquires Handled

  • Is my application complete for the Nursing program?
  • Have I been admitted to the Nursing program?
  • How much is the program?
Handles multiple end users at the same time

Registrations &

Sample Inquires Handled

  • When is my priority registration date?
  • Why does my record have a hold on it?
  • What is current course load and grade level?
  • Who is my academic advisor?
Cost-effective solution

Students Accounts/ Bursar

Sample Inquires Handled

  • How much do I owe?
  • If I don’t pay soon, what will happen?
  • Can I pay in installments?


  • Leverages Existing Knowledge Base/FAQs
  • Works on Any Device/ Responsive Design for Any Device
  • Multi-Channel Support (SMS text, virtual assistant, live chat, phone)
  • Transfers to Live Support If Needed
  • Adaptive Learning & Artificial Intelligence
  • Performance Analytics & Executive Dashboards
  • Handles multiple end users at the same time
  • Can answer up to 80% of all your inquiries
  • One place to go for student questions


  • 24x7 Anytime Anywhere Access
  • Expands service hours for online and non-traditional students
  • Drive Student Engagement
  • Faster responses drives-up conversion rates
  • Reduces errors and increases compliance
  • Improves agent response time and customer experience
  • Spend more time advising students and less time answering repetitive questions
  • Relieve pressures of semester starts

Deploy BlackBeltHelp AI Bot at Your Campus

Ability to automate personalized messages to FAQs

Create a hyperlink to send students directly to your Bot

Faster resolution of end-users’ queries

Bot can have conversation with students through Facebook messenger

Ability to automate personalized messages to FAQs

Send out an SMS with important information, such as deadline reminders

Handles multiple end users at the same time

Set-up Kisoks with Integrated Bot with voice activated virtual assistants like Google Mini, Amazon’s Alexa

Cost-effective solution

Your Bot has “live” chat conversations from your campus website homepage

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