Traditional Resident Student
Traditional Resident Student

Being a part of higher education space for over 6 years we truly understand around the clock needs of the resident students.

The most common issues being faced by the traditional resident students
living at the institution owned housing

Connect self-owned third party device with university provided laptop

Wireless connectivity issues in dormitory

Hardware issues

Printing issues

Language issues – as they come from different part of the world

Facilities issues

Transportation and Security issues

Here is how your traditional resident Students get an
amazing experience from BlackBeltHelp

Resolve issues on first contact using exhaustive knowledge base

Capture correct information and redirection to right party on campus

Proper Students Counselling

Multilingual support

Switchboard and Facilities support

Get in touch with us and learn more about how to resolve the challenges faced by traditional resident students and create an unforgettable customer experience by partnering with BlackBeltHelp. Speak to one of our customer experience specialists today!

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