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The United States Military Academy at West Point selects BlackBeltHelp's 24x7 IT Help Desk and LMS Support

NY, August 2019: The United States Military Academy at West Point has selected BlackBeltHelp as its 24x7 IT Help Desk provider. BlackBeltHelp will provide high-quality help desk services to the West Point cadets and instructors to remove barriers to learning. Through this engagement, BlackBeltHelp’s service desk will be deployed for the end-users of the university to optimize their existing IT infrastructure and service improvement. The exceptional customer service by BlackBeltHelp will fulfill their objective of providing round-the-clock assistance and timely resolutions to their end-users while reducing costs and improving satisfaction

Support and advice are accessible for the below inquiries including, but not limited to:

About United States Military Academy:

United States Military Academy is a recognized public institution in West Point, approximately 50 miles north of New York City on the Hudson River. The students here are the cadets, i.e. officers in training who are offered a variety of extracurricular clubs, from the glee and gospel clubs to the ski and sailing clubs. USMA’s mission is to educate, train, and inspire the cadets to prepare them for the career committed to the country.

Scope of Support for United States Military Academy:

  • Network Connectivity
  • Productivity Applications
  • Antivirus/ Security Utilities
  • Learning Management Systems
  • Operating System Support
  • Office 365
  • Password Reset
  • Classroom Technology Emergency Management

Why BlackBelthelp 24x7 Technology Help Desk Support

  • Higher Education Focus (200+ Higher Education Clients) indicated their familiarity with Higher Education culture and Relationship Management Skills
  • Ability to support the entire learning eco system,including 24x7 OneStop Support, Learning Management System and Tech support
  • Flexibility to provide call overflow support during fall and spring semester beginning
  • Cost Effective Solution – 40% less expensive than any other vendor
  • End User Satisfaction – 24x7 support with multi-modality i.e. Call, Email, Chat, Web forms
  • Business Continuity – Internal Knowledge base created by BlackBeltHelp aids business continuity and sound training for existing staff

About BlackBeltHelp

BlackBeltHelp is a leading provider of Help Desk Support and Products including IT, LMS, Admissions & Enrollments, Financial Aid, Advising, Facilities, and Switchboard, supporting Higher Education for the past 6 years. With over 200 clients globally, BlackBeltHelp provides a wide range of Products and Services to improve help desk administration and end-user experience.
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