Simplify Admin

Real time insightful dashboards and tools to drive high value decision making

Access to Actionable Data-Driven Analytics While Also Focusing on the Bot Accuracy

Simplify Admin helps institutions in analyzing the interactions that have happened with the Bot, help desk, self-help knowledgebase, and nudging. It focuses on measuring, monitoring, and managing your institutions’ help desk analytics such as total conversations, total sessions, interaction by channel, top intents, and more. Additionally, this tool helps institutions in training the bot based on the insights provided.


Features of Simplify Admin:

Benefits of Simplify Admin

Quick Resolution

Helps in monitoring performance of advisors

Assigning Emergency Tickets

View insights from a single dashboard

Redirecting Tickets

Dashboard is accessible from anywhere from a single set of credentials

Faster resolution of end-users’ queries


Chatbot & Voicebot to assist students with self-service support options that helps institutions in reducing the support costs.

Ability to automate personalized messages to FAQs


Delivers relevant information for students’ multiple requests at a single place while reducing the number of help desk interactions.

Handles multiple end users at the same time


A single dashboard view with unified access to information allows institutions to measure, monitor, and manage the service benchmarks.

Cost-effective solution


Delivers 24x7 personalized support to students for their diverse requests that arise throughout their academic lifecycle.

Handles multiple end users at the same time

SIMPLIFY Contact Center

A cloud-based contact center solution that enables multi-modal student support whether staff are working on campus or at home.

Handles multiple end users at the same time


A personalized & focused outbound SMS campaign to communicate right information to students that empowers them to take a specific action.

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