• Conversation-Driven AI for natural, personalized assistance, always available, immediate service named AI voice Bot and chatbot for higher education is trusted by over 200 Colleges and Universities

          Seamless integration of campus systems into a student services tool by CX Portal enhancing institutional efficiency, real-time insightful dashboards provided.

          EduView transforms how advisors access and deliver information, simplifying complex tasks with a single click.

          The self-help password reset tool enables students, faculty, and staff to take control with personalized self-service options, ensuring one-click secure access to various applications and enhancing the overall student experience.

          We can drive active participation and specific actions through targeted outbound campaigns through student engagement messenger which offers broadcast announcements and two-way messaging.

        • Optimize your admissions procedures to boost enrollment while reducing the cost per student through support from the Admission Helpdesk for higher education.

          Financial aid Helpdesk support for higher education assist students and guardians through the entire financial aid process.

          Round-the-clock student service support for higher education offers a comprehensive solution for all student needs, conveniently accessible through a single platform.

          Discover why over 200 colleges and universities trust BlackBeltHelp as the premier provider of 24/7 IT helpdesk support services in higher education, offering AI solutions that ensure anytime, anywhere support.

          Our round-the-clock LMS helpdesk support for higher education encompasses "always on" assistance for Blackboard®, Canvas®, D2L®, and Moodle® LMS platforms, ensuring secure, cost-effective, and continuous support.

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Revolutionizing How Advisors Get and Deliver Information

Everything Needed to Resolve an Issue Is On a Single Screen

Seamless Integration

Instant Access
to Student Data

Faster Response Times

Reduced Costs

Key Features
  • Seamless Integration with Campus Applications
  • Single Sign-On
  • User-Friendly Interface, Intuitive Dashboards, and Powerful Reporting Capabilities
  • Role Based Access Control
  • Create, View, & Manage Tickets within the Tool
  • Secure and FERPA Compliant

Data Sheet

Benefits of AdvisorAssist Desktop

  • Increases Student Satisfaction
  • Increases Advisor Efficiency
  • Increases First Contact Resolution Rate
  • Reduces Operational Costs
  • Reduces Errors
  • Reduces On-Boarding Time
Optimized Helpdesk Performance
  • Resolution Rates Jumped Up to 75% (SIS Integration Cases)
  • 90% of All Student Questions Are Resolved in One Interaction
  • Enhanced Security via RBAC, Logging, and Encryption
  • Shorter Calls
    -Call times reduced by 2 minutes
  • SIS Reduced Training Time
    -From 2 weeks to 3 days
  • Reduced Costs by reducing onboarding time, license costs, management, and maintenance

AdvisorAssist Desktop Improves Efficiency

Seamlessly Integrated Ecosystem

Providing Excellent Service with Exceptional Support that Drives Enrollment and Retention

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it can integrate with your institution’s ERP/SIS, ITSM, LMS, CRM, and other applications through APIs.

You can create a ticket from within the tool itself. It is designed to help advisors quickly create, escalate, and close tickets for students’ requests from the advisor desktop.

It helps in reducing operational costs and increases the accuracy of answers. It also reduces the average handling time for student questions, increases the first contact resolution rate and delivers a positive student experience.  

AdvisorAssist Desktop uses algorithms to create optimized schedules, reducing conflicts and improving course availability.

It offers robust data management and security features, ensuring compliance with privacy regulations.

The AdvisorAssist tool uses predictive analytics to flag students who may need additional support, leading to improved retention rates

Administrative staff often grapple with time-consuming and repetitive tasks like appointment scheduling, record-keeping, and document management. AdvisorAssist can automate these processes while reducing the administrative burden.