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Key Features

  • Broadcasts text messages to bulk users 
  • Integrates with SIS to fetch user details 
  • Messages can contain URLs 
  • Helps in scheduling campaigns 
  • Bot can be setup to respond to user FAQs regarding campaigns

Benefits of Engagement Messenger

  • Clear, informative, and timely alerts 
  • Two-way communication with students 
  • Personalized reminders to students for important deadlines
  • Leverages data from SIS/ERP to run campaigns 
  • Provides insights on your campaigns.

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Customer Success Stories

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Customer Service Chatbots are Redefining CX

In the quest to enhance student engagement, higher education institutions are shifting their focus from traditional phone support to embracing modern, user-friendly technologies like live chat. This strategic shift recognizes the importance of meeting students on their own terms and catering to their digital, rapid-response expectations. One such technology that has gained significant traction is […]

All-in-One Convenience: Why juggle multiple applications when you can have everything you need in one place

In today’s fast-paced higher education landscape, institutions face numerous challenges in providing seamless support to their students and staff. From meeting the increasing expectations of students for instant and around-the-clock access to support services to adapting to the diverse communication preferences of the modern digital age, universities must navigate budget constraints while scaling their support […]

7 Distinct Ways Contact Centers Can Ensure Student Success

In the ever-evolving landscape of education, student success remains at the core of every academic institution’s mission. From K-12 to Higher Education, fostering student success and providing comprehensive support is crucial for student growth and development.  This is even more important for today’s students – who have become accustomed to quick and efficient services, whether […]

Frequently Asked Questions

Simply and easily send individual or group text messages based on students’ queries directly from the tool. Institutions can view and track campaign effectiveness.

  • Clear, informative, and timely alerts
  • Two-way communication with students
  • Personalized reminders to students for important deadlines
  • Leverages data from SIS/ERP to run campaigns
  • Provides insights on your campaigns

Automated texts are only a means in technology. However, it is considered to be a means to keep students engaged. They are essentially indirect suggestions that gently steer an individual to a desired action. It also increases student engagement.

Students have preferred modes of communication. While most students prefer emails, many younger generations and the gen-zs prefer texting. As educators, we need to go with the demographics and meet them where they are.