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Key Features

  • Improves productivity: Advisors can quickly and easily locate, access, and provide accurate answers to customers.
  • Help customers help themselves: A knowledge base provides your end-users with the information they need to utilize self-help service options.
  • Streamline your knowledge management process: Accuracy of articles, enables staff to update and maintain articles while leveraging reports for smarter decision-making.
  • Send instant alerts to your end-users: Provides administrators with a straightforward way to communicate valuable information to users.


Benefits of Knowledge Base

  • Reduces the number of helpdesk interactions
  • Decreases support costs
  • Ensures accuracy
  • Empowers end-users
  • It is cost-effective


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3 Tips to Streamline Your Self Help Knowledge Base

With the growing inclination of customers towards self-service, it has become imperative for organizations to provide exceptional self-service options that are easy to access and use. The key, basically, is to provide the right information, at the right place. For that, your self help knowledge base game has to be really strong. Listed below are […]

Are Customers Ready for Self-Service?

Are customers ready for self-service? Imagine, as a student, you are in the middle of writing an assignment that is due the next day. Right when you are wondering whether you can be any more stressed, your desktop screen incurs an issue. The screen goes blank. You call your institution’s help desk. The customer support […]

Cut Your Help Desk Costs and Empower Your End Users with BlackBeltHelp’s Knowledge Base!

Studies reveal that approx. 70% of customers prefer to resolve their issues on their own. BlackBeltHelp’s Lexicon is a public knowledge base that empowers an institution’s students and faculty to solve their problems on their own, cutting down the institution’s help desk costs and reducing the resolution time. Lexicon, a self-help website enables the end-users to […]

Frequently Asked Questions

You can add an infinite number of articles to the knowledge base, there is no limit. 

We don’t recommend storing files on lexicon, as it is a public knowledge base. But yes, you can store files with password protection on your FTP server, of which we can create a link on the lexicon.

We can manage the site for you. If you prefer, you can use any HTML editor such as Adobe Dreamweaver, Visual Studio, NetBeans to design these pages. 

Yes, by utilizing the knowledge article admin panel. 

Yes, by utilizing the knowledge article admin panel.

Yes, by utilizing the knowledge article admin panel.

It can only be done by BlackBeltHelp. However, you can change the content of the categories as well as of the articles if required at your end.