Dec 15, 2017

Cut Your Help Desk Costs and Empower Your End Users with BlackBeltHelp’s Knowledge Base!

Studies reveal that approx. 70% of customers prefer to resolve their issues on their own.

BlackBeltHelp’s Lexicon is a public knowledge base that empowers an institution’s students and faculty to solve their problems on their own, cutting down the institution’s help desk costs and reducing the resolution time. Lexicon, a self-help website enables the end-users to address their problems and ensures greater levels of customer satisfaction. It acts as a storehouse of information that the customers can explore to obtain the desired bit.

From enabling your help desk agents to find the right answers faster to student self-service, Lexicon works like google search to provide your end-users with a platform to solve their technical problems.

BlackBeltHelp’s Lexicon entails the following features:

  1. Help customers help themselves
    With Lexicon, you can publish your knowledge base at your institution’s website, customer (or partner) service portal, or embed it into a public customer community. When your end-users solve their issues on their own and don’t call the help desk for every small inconvenience, the number of interactions gets reduced and you, as a higher education institution, are able to cut the costs considerably. Since your end-users’ tickets don’t get queued up and they don’t have to wait for someone else to solve them, it results in better customer satisfaction rates for your institution. The students can raise tickets using the web form feature in the Lexicon itself. Thus, it functions to reduce the number of tickets as well.
  2. Streamline your knowledge management process
    You can update and maintain articles in Lexicon while leveraging reports for smarter decision-making as the website comes with analytics features. If a particular article is not helpful, the end-user has the option of reporting it and it can then be amended, edited, or deleted. A well- managed, up-to-date knowledge base becomes easy for your end-users to navigate and extract information from.
  3. Improve your help desk agents’ productivity
    Lexicon’s cloud-based knowledge base can also be used by your help desk agents to easily locate, access, and provide accurate answers to customers. Agents can also contribute to the knowledge base to ensure that the right answers are always accessible to the whole team.
  4. 4. Send Instant Alerts to your end-users
    The insta alerts portlet provides administrators with an easy way to communicate valuable information to the users. Users get a unified view to check application up/down status. For example, if your institution’s LMS is down, the admin can put the alert on Lexicon informing students about the same.

Why your institution needs Lexicon:

  • Reduces help desk costs
  • It is cost-effective
  • Reduces the number of tickets
  • Empowers end-users

So, if you want to cut down help desk costs and empower your end-users, sign up for a demo today!