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Frequently Asked Questions

BlackBeltHelp is the #1 AI-powered Contact-Center-as-a-Service provider for students, faculty, and staff in higher education. We have over 400 full-time staff, handling over 1.3 million support requests annually from approximately 4 million users distributed across our 200+ clients. 

  • Student Services Support 
  • IT Helpdesk Support 
  • LMS Helpdesk Support 
  • Enrollment Support 
  • Financial Aid Support 
  • AI Voice & Chat Bot 
  • AdvisorAssist Desktop 
  • CX Portal 
  • Password Reset 
  • Engagement Messenger 
  • Students Services Support 
  • IT Helpdesk Support 

Yes, our chat solution is VAPT certified and VPAT Compliant

  • Phone Average Speed to Answer: 60 seconds monthly 
  • E-mail and Ticket Average Speed to Answer: Human response within 2 hours 
  • Chat Average Speed to Answer: < 180 seconds monthly  
  • With 95% Customer Satisfaction

No, we don’t. User verification is used to verify the user and then to set a flag that is valid for that chat session only. The user verification information is not stored in the chat transcript, ticketing, or logs and is not transferred to a live agent (in case the interaction is escalated). 

Only the information that we agreed upon during the implementation. This primarily consists of the user information required, such as username, phone number, and email.

  • BlackBeltHelp provides support via the following interaction channels – 
  • Inbound phone calls 
  • Outbound phone calls for callbacks to end users. 
  • Email notification to BlackBeltHelp’s inContact interaction management system 
  • Ticket notifications must only be delivered when it is intended for BlackBeltHelp to work the ticket.  
  • Branded HTTPS chat interface 

It takes 4 to 6 Weeks to implement which includes the Pilot testing. 

Measures the firm takes to ensure confidentiality and security in dealing with personal data in relation to FERPA, to meet federal financial aid compliance regulations and ADA considerations.

An IT Helpdesk is a software platform that helps the user solve their problems through a single (or multiple) point of contact. IT Helpdesk allows employees and IT team members to troubleshoot issues, track their queries, and get assistance related to products, services or processes.

You can reach out to us at or sign up here. Our agent will then get in touch with you to set up a Zoom call.

We provide our services in both English and Spanish.

Yes, we do. We can provide you with more specific and special integrations upon request. You can reach out to us for more information at