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Key Features

  • Provides insights into call volumes and student behavior 
  • Tracks the accuracy of your AI bot and provides analytics that help with refining bot training 
  •  Role-based access to view real-time insights 
  •  Provides an option to download reports

Benefits of Having a CX Portal

  • Provides an in-depth view into your support services, so you know exactly what’s happening at all times.  
  • Helps monitor the performance of advisors in real-time. 
  • Allows you to view insights from multiple sources in a single dashboard 
  • Dashboard is accessible from a single set of credentials, making it easy to get the reports you need.

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The Power of Predictive Analytics: Using Data to Propel Students Towards Success

Predictive analytics is the process of using statistical techniques to extract patterns from historical data in order to predict future outcomes. From finance to healthcare, and higher education, in particular, the use of predictive analytics is gaining currency. Embarking on a predictive analytics journey not only helps you attain better results, deliver great customer experiences […]

Predictive Analytics: Can It Amplify Student Success?

Higher education institutions spend millions on Student Enrollment. They invest large sums of money in internet marketing, admission counselors. Thus, when these prospective students don’t enroll, educational institutions suffer huge losses. If these students enroll and aren’t engaged in the learning process, the organizations are again bound to incur losses due to lower graduation and […]

Frequently Asked Questions

The CX Portal is designed to help institutions in analyzing the interactions that have happened with the Bot, helpdesk, self-help knowledgebase, and messaging. It primarily focuses on measuring, monitoring, and managing your institutions’ helpdesk analytics such as total conversations, total sessions, interaction by channel, top intents, and more. Additionally, this tool helps institutions in training the bot based on the insights provided. 

This tool is designed essentially to provide insights into call volumes and student behavior. It defines the accuracy of a bot and offers analytics to assist institutions in taking decisions for further bot training.  

Yes, it does. The CX Portal will combine all your application login screens into one. With the SSO, you can enter your login credentials only once on a single page to access all of your SaaS apps.

The CX Portal has proven to be an effective tool for institutions. It offers cost savings, improved student retention, increase in productivity, and the ability to gather data to enhance decision making. 

Yes, the CX Portal can integrate with the existing systems.

It takes 4 to 5 Weeks to implement which includes the Pilot testing. 

Some of the key features of a CX Portal include:

  • Creating and tracking support tickets
  • Managing purchase orders
  • Tracking order deliveries
  • Sharing policies and documents
  • Looking up invoices and quotes
  • Sharing detailed FAQ information