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Classroom Emergency App

Help Is Just One Click Away

Smartphone App

Connects with Onsite Help

Empowers Faculty

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Key Features

  • Assists Faculty in raising IT related issues with on-site IT staff with just a click of a button
  • Notifies on-site IT staff instantly upon request initiation
  • Notifies faculty about technician’s ETA
  • Realtime request status
  • Easy Integration and Set up

Benefits of Having Classroom Emergency App

  • Quick Resolution: Eliminate the need to call the helpdesk by raising issues directly to on-site technicians.
  • Emergency Tickets: Report classroom tech issues to the IT team with a push of a button.
  • Redirecting Tickets: Classroom issues are automatically routed based on the assigned skill sets of your technicians.
  • Real Time Monitoring: Admins can monitor the real-time status of the requests any time they wish to.
  • LDAP Integration: No need to remember multiple passwords. The Classroom Emergency App can seamlessly integrate with your institution’s Active Directory.
  • Analyzing Performance: Our Classroom Emergency App doesn’t just solve queries; it also analyzes the metrics of technicians’ performance.

Classroom Emergency App Timeline


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Frequently Asked Questions

It stays in a queue till it gets picked up by any handler.

We can customize everything as per your request in the app like:

  • Addition of handlers.
  • Addition of Issues/Classroom Emergencies
  • Can increase/decrease issue handling time.
  • Customize the location map etc.

It works by fetching the geo differences between handler and institute latitude/longitude.

Yes, however the rating will only be visible to the requester once the 4 hours have passed.

It is defined at the time of user creation when the handler skills are set corresponding to the specific issues.

Campus Location selected while raising the request.

Yes, we can configure it at the time of setting up institute in our app.