Feb 22, 2018

3 Tips to Streamline Your Self Help Knowledge Base

With the growing inclination of customers towards self-service, it has become imperative for organizations to provide exceptional self-service options that are easy to access and use. The key, basically, is to provide the right information, at the right place. For that, your self help knowledge base game has to be really strong. Listed below are three things you can implement to get started.

Store all your knowledge in one place i.e. Self help knowledge base:

With the increasing technological evolution, knowledge is everywhere. From emails to phone call recordings to text messages to tickets, information is scattered in a plethora of spaces. The first step towards a good knowledge base is centralization.

Centralize all your information in a single repository which is easy to access. For example, if your support agents receive multiple tickets about the same issue, you could have them document the resolution steps in an article and update it in the central knowledge base for your end-users’ perusal.

Keep your self help knowledge base updated:

Whether your knowledge base is aimed at helping the support agents or it is directly used by your end-users, remember that it has to be treated like a living document. It needs to be updated regularly. Keeping your knowledge base up-to-date means your agents have quick access to the right information which improves your first call resolution rates. Improved FCR, in turn, increases your customer satisfaction rates.

Listen to your end-users’ feedback on various articles and tweak your knowledge base based on it. without the feedback, you don’t know which articles are actually serving the purpose. Enabling your customers to provide feedback boosts the quality of your knowledge base.

Have a Knowledge-Centered support approach:

Knowledge-centered support empowers your customers to help themselves and lets your help desk agents focus on other high-priority matters.

KCS yields better results and ensures a reduction in the number of incidents as our client institutions experienced with Lexicon. The end-users of Lexicon powered institutions like Colorado Community College System were able to solve approx. 50% of their support issues themselves by referring to our comprehensive knowledge base.

There you have three important tips for strong knowledge management. Now go and implement these to streamline your self help knowledge base.

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