How AI is Driving Modern Higher Education Administration with Data-Driven Insights to Improve Student Outcomes

Higher education administration is a multifaceted landscape with numerous academic programs and services to manage. However, technology advancement, particularly artificial intelligence (AI), has introduced powerful tools that can revolutionize institutional operations.

By harnessing the potential of AI, colleges and universities can access richer data-driven insights, streamline administrative processes, and provide personalized support to students like never before.

In this article, Van concludes his interview with Anthony Humphreys, a higher ed tech veteran and current President of BlackBeltHelp. They explore the intricacies of how integration of AI and automation in higher education administration is not just about embracing the latest trends, but is a strategic move that holds the potential to transform the very core of how institutions function.

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BlackBeltHelp is the #1 AI-powered Contact-Center-as-a-Service provider for students, faculty, and staff in higher education. Our solutions are designed to help higher education institutions unify all applications into a single, easy-to-navigate, analytics-powered dashboard to drive institutional processes and improve the user experience. Our integrated, omnichannel platform – Simplify empowers the institution to integrate disparate systems across the campus to provide a simple yet powerful student service tool that increases institutional efficiency and helps in achieving engagement objectives effortlessly. Learn more about BlackBeltHelp.