May 09, 2019

Exceed Student Expectations for Service Delivery Through a 24/7 OneStop Shop

OneStop is the solutions of all your queries & support students who are running around from office to office on campus– trying to turn in the correct form, searching for the right building to go to, adding/dropping classes, checking in on the status of their admissions or financial aid applications, etc. Don’t you think all this runaround and confusion could be very frustrating for today’s students who are already juggling academics, work, and social life?

Today’s students are more complex, more diverse, and have higher expectations than ever before. They want 24/7 support that is personalized to their needs. To meet these demands, we enable One Stop service models. This model minimizes campus runaround and eliminates barriers for students – resulting in higher student satisfaction (>90%) and successful outcomes.

What exactly is one stop? 

OneStop shops are centrally-managed platforms that help institutions streamline their student support by bringing all the services onto a single platform. Earlier a student needed to physically visit many different offices to inquire about Registration Add/Drop, FAFSA status, Balance Due, and missing documents. Today, these inquiries can all be handled through one comprehensive online OneStop shop that is open 24/7 and allows for multi-modal communication (phone, Live Chat, SMS/Text, Web).

They unify multiple institutional departments such as Admissions & Enrollment, Financial Aid, Student Account, and Veterans Affairs to enhance efficiency, quality of service to students, and accountability as all the departments work more collaboratively now.

Four reasons why you should move to a one stop:

  • Decrease student runaround: A student today must visit many offices for various purposes throughout the year. The result is a lot of student runaround and confusion and that’s the last thing your students want. They don’t want to bounce between offices and wait in long lines. A one-stop can help greatly in this regard as all the services are available online. Your students do not have to run from one office to another. They can view the status of their financial aid, look at their balance due, view grades, and look at courses just by logging into the OneStop Platform.
  • Improve student outcomes: Drop out rates and transfer issues are only two in the long list of issues institutions today have to contend with. one stop can help address both efficiently. There is a flood of data available with the student offices. Predictive analytics, and AI, built into a one-stop platform can sort through this data to come up with a comprehensible picture of where your students are in their academic journeys. This smarter view of your student data can help you make informed decisions which in turn will improve student outcomes.
  • Accomplish more with less: Rising support costs and declining support budgets are two major challenges higher education is facing today. A one stop can help deal with both. One stop centers have cross-trained staff, adept at handling all sorts of student support issues which means the user institution doesn’t have to hire people for different service offices. Additionally, technologies like artificial intelligence, analytics, and Chatbots are inexpensive alternatives that can efficiently and accurately handle student inquiries.
  • Provide instant, omnichannel, 24×7 support: Taking a cue from the larger trends in today’s consumer-driven world, your students also expect convenience, efficiency, and speed when it comes to their support issues. A one-stop delivers on these expectations with instant, omnichannel, 24×7 support. Besides, there are a number of self-service options like- chatbots, knowledge base, self help platforms provided to your students, reducing the need for getting external assistance. They can resolve many transactional issues without reaching out to campus resources.

The bottom line…

All this is to say that higher education today should be focusing on student-centric processes. Amidst the changing student demographics and rising student expectations, all the emphasis should be on personalization and simplifying the student journey. In this age of Amazon, Google, and giant superstores, we should be providing our students a centralized, hassle-free, and engaging student experience with one stop centers.

Willing to modernize the student experience by implementing a one stop?

Join us on our on-demand webinar Don’t be the DMV on Your Campus: Leverage a OneStop to Deliver Amazing Student Services to learn how you can do so. Register here.