Feb 14, 2018

3 Reasons Why You Need After-Hours Support

When your end-users are calling you with support requests, they are already frustrated. If your help desk staff isn’t available when they are looking for immediate resolution of their issues, it adds to their ire and unhappy end-users haven’t ever done any organization any good. Moreover, emergencies can occur anytime. A student’s laptop might stop working. They might be unable to log in to the LMS. There might be a network outage. So, if your support requests aren’t limited to working hours, why let your support be?

Besides ensuring that your end-users have access to help desk support at all hours, after-hours help desk support ensures that they feel cared for and your institution comes across as concerned about their challenges. Having round-the-clock support makes your end-users feel that they aren’t alone in their academic journey. Furthermore, the quality of customer experience you deliver has become the quintessential deciding factor for your end-users to choose one institution over the other. So, it becomes imperative for you to be able to give them a customer-centric support experience.

Show Your Students That You Care:

With after-hours support, you are essentially telling your end users that their problems matter. As a higher education institution, when your students have access to help desk assistance at all the hours, you are telling them that you care about the challenges they face and are there to help them whenever they require it. Moreover, the use of technology by your students isn’t a nine-to-five activity. Some of them work part-time or full-time jobs to pay for their education. In such a case, after-hours help desk support for your institution becomes indispensable.

Ensure an Increase in Customer Satisfaction Rates:

With the rising customer expectations, institutions are trying their best to deliver a great experience for their end-users. The primary aim of adopting after-hours help desk support is customer satisfaction. Round-the-clock support helps you build credibility. Your end-users start having faith in your institution when they know that you care about them. Customers getting support whenever they need it will be able to have a timely resolution of their queries. Customers who have immediate support at all hours are bound to be more satisfied than the ones who don’t. That’s why after-hours support helps an institution experience high student satisfaction rates.

Increase Student Engagement:

There might be low service utilization during after-hours but that doesn’t reduce the value of the service. Round-the-clock assistance is imperative to retain and engage your students. Additionally, happy students mean better engagement which translates into better success rates for your institution. Students who have access to support at all the hours are bound to have a positive academic experience. Your response time to the technical issues faced by your students and faculty can have a significant impact on their learning and teaching experiences. Make sure they don’t feel abandoned by providing after-hours support.

After all, when your help desk requests aren’t limited to business hours, why should your help desk support be?