Mar 12, 2018

5 Top Ways a Help Desk Can Help You

IT help desk services provide a single point of contact that helps resolve technical issues for an organization. They serve as a self help knowledge base to resolve problems quickly so that end-users of an organization can get back to their usual operations. The information gathered during problem resolution can help resolve future occurrences of the same issue efficiently. A help desk also keeps information about users’ accounts and passwords. Although some organizations are reluctant to invest in a help desk initially, the benefits usually outweigh the costs, and institutions can save money in the long run.

Higher Customer Satisfaction


Customers like to have a single support platform to contact during technical issues, and they like immediate assistance. Institutions with their own IT support staff are often slower while responding, and the staff doesn’t always have the expertise that an IT help desk agent does. That’s why having a robust IT help desk support in place ensures that your end-users are happy and your customer satisfaction rates are up.

Frees Up Your Staff

When an IT help desk takes care of all your institution’s technical problems, your in-house employees are free to focus on more profitable endeavors. This increased productivity leads to more revenue, which offsets the cost of the IT help desk and benefits the organization. Your employees also benefit since they’re doing what they’ve been hired to do instead of managing technical support crises.

After-Hours Help Desk Support

Exigencies can occur anytime. There might be a network outage. An institution’s LMS can stop working. A student’s laptop might become nonfunctional. In case of any such downtimes, if your institution doesn’t have round the clock help desk support, your end users might have to wait overnight or maybe even over a weekend to get their issues resolved. Institutions that outsource their IT help desk can provide customers round-the-clock assistance.

Help Desk

Help Desk

Proactive Interventions

IT Help Desk Services gather information every day resolving technical problems. This information helps resolve future problems quickly and even prevent them from occurring. IT help desk does this by running performance reports that show the computer systems and hardware that tend to have issues.

Help desks also keep historical logs of past problems. These logs help when the same problems happen again. Help desk services can see what resolved the issue the first time and take the same action for a faster resolution.

The bottom line is:

A robust IT help desk support ensures the immediate resolution of end-users’ issues. It frees up the on-site IT staff to focus on more important tasks at hand while ensuring the systematic resolution of technical problems at an institution. Besides making your end-users feel cared for, good IT help desk support provides a significant ROI for the user-institution. Increased revenue offsets the help desk costs while increasing the operational efficiency at an institution.