Mar 08, 2018

Classroom Emergency App– Answer Your Classroom Technical Emergencies

Technical emergencies can arise anytime. They don’t seek your faculty’s prior permission before arriving. A projector can go awry. Your classroom laptop’s screen might go blank. There can be a network outage. Some important cables might go missing.

Mobile Apps ensures that you are prepared when they hit you.

What is it, you ask?

Classroom Emergency App is the only such app designed for educational institutions’ faculty members which enables them to raise an alert to all onsite technicians in case of technical emergencies in a classroom. With a single click of a button, a technician who has the required skill set to address the technical issue is alerted. The faculty can then live-track their location. After the issue is resolved, they have the option of rating the technician’s performance.

Classroom Emergency App is a completely customizable app and can be tailored according to the unique needs of a user institution.

How does Classroom Emergency App work?

The user institution or its faculty members need to be pre-registered on the app.

Whenever there is a technical issue in the classroom, a faculty member can click on the red Classroom Emergency button on the main screen to submit an alert.

Further, he/she needs to select the category the issue falls under. The app might show some self-help steps depending upon the complexity of the problem which the user can choose to skip.

The faculty member then needs to submit his/her classroom details and click on the Raise a ticket button.

After which a ticket is created and the issue is assigned to a skilled technician whose location the faculty member can monitor. After the problem is addressed, the faculty member can rate the technician’s performance.

Why Classroom Emergency App?

With technology’s continuous permeation on our campuses, the whole educational experience, learning, and teaching both, has become more advanced. Educational organizations are turning to automation to cut costs and deliver quick solutions. It is at the same stead, BlackBeltHelp decided to launch Classroom Emergency App.

Classroom Emergency App, a cost-effective solution for your classroom emergencies, acts as a bridge between your faculty and technicians, and ensures the quickest possible resolution of the technical emergencies that arise in your classroom.

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