Mar 19, 2018

Cut Your Help Desk Costs with BlackBeltHelp’s AI Chatbot

Why Live Chat?

Amidst the skyrocketing customer expectations, it all comes down to- greater the communication, better the business. That’s why Live Chat.

Having live chat like Neo – AI Chatbot ensures that you are there for your end-users when they require help. Round-the-clock accessibility for the resolution of your customers’ issues tells them that you care. As soon as your customer asks a question, your agent reaches out to them with an answer. Especially, if you are an educational institution aiming to increase your institution’s enrollment rates, reaching out to your potential students instantly becomes very critical. Instant support ups the chances of a prospective student becoming an enrolled one.

Research shows that customers who use live chat are three times more likely to buy a product or a service than the ones who use other channels of communication to reach out to a vendor. For example, as a higher education institution, if you are there for the prospective students weighing different options to choose from and manage to cater to their needs, you are certain to experience an increase in the enrollment rates.

Thus, besides being economical, Live chat via AI chatbot is more efficient and cuts help desk costs significantly.

BlackBeltHelp’s AI Chatbot:

With BlackBeltHelp’s AI Chatbot, you can embed live chat feature on your LMS portal, and website pages like IT, financial aid, and admissions. The chatbot provides your customers with immediate access to help. It reduces your institution’s overall help desk contact center costs by lowering average interaction costs since most of the issues are resolved on the chat itself and the end-user doesn’t have to call the help desk reducing the number of interactions.


  • Proactive chat – 24×7 accessibility, instant resolution of your end-users’ issues via chat.
  • Live chat for LMS, financial aid, admissions, technical support- Tier 1 support issues can be handled on the chat itself. The live chat software can be embedded into any of these pages.
  • Chat activity report- The chat report can be used to identify when was the chat initiated, what was the duration, and what was the chat disposition.
  • Mobile app integration- Besides the web-based version, Chatbot can be easily integrated within your smartphone.
  • Customizable chat window – the chat window can be tailored according to the unique needs of an institution.

Benefits of AI Chatbot:

Reduced service costs– For example, when your end-users have Chatbot, they can get support for tier 1 issues on the chat itself and don’t have to make calls. This reduces help desk costs and proves to be a much cheaper option.

Quicker resolution- BlackBeltHelp’s AI Chatbot is accessible 24/7 and helps organizations resolve their end-users’ issues immediately. Agents can handle multiple issues at the same time.

Increased revenue due to quicker financial aid /admissions inquiry resolution- Chatbot helps educational organizations resolve their prospective or returning students’ queries promptly. This increases the chances of these students’ conversion which in turn increases the revenue.

If you want to know more about AI Bot and how it has helped a number of educational organizations cut help desk costs, drop us an email at or call (844) BLKBLT.