Nov 06, 2017

Exceed Your Students', Staff's and Faculty's Expectations – Have Round the Clock Help Desk Support

How does it feel to be on the phone, chat, for hours expecting somebody from the other end to answer? If the call disconnects, would you want to pick up the phone and call again? What if you have an assignment submission the next morning and there is no help available to fix the damned application? Surely, it is not a good feeling at all.

Studies reveal that phone and chat are the most preferred way of communication despite the help available in various other forms like Apps, self-help services, chatbots, knowledge base articles.

“We have sufficient staff to tackle all our issues” isn’t the most common adage with higher educational institutions. Budgetary constraints accentuate the problem. Short-staffing or no available help are the major reasons for customer dissatisfaction. So, why do you have to take a chance when outsourcing your help desk is no longer a mind-numbing task? It is way simpler and convenient. These days outsourced help desks:

  • Take as less as 4-8 weeks to replicate your in-house help desk.
  • Ensure your end-users or staff are not left unattended.
  • Provide around-the-clock supports at very reasonable costs.
  • Are flexible to accommodate ‘Service Level Metrics’ specific to your institution’s needs.
  • Provide help with almost every application, be it any LMS, ERP, or Ticketing System.
  • Provide help with almost every hardware and software.
  • Provide trained employees.

The help desk is no longer limited to conventional IT or LMS support. BlackBeltHelp, a Chicago based help desk service provider company, acts as a OneStop solution for all your IT, LMS, Financial Aid, Admissions and Enrollment, Recruitment, Retention, Facilities, and Switchboard help desk concerns. BlackBeltHelp also provides products like Help Desk App, Chatter, Lexicon – Knowledge Management & Insta Alerts, Single Sign-On Solutions, etc. to optimize help desk support.