Jul 17, 2018

Five Reasons Why You Should Transition to OneStop Student Service

Every year across the United States a considerable number of students are unable to complete their college degrees. A vast number of them take more than six years to do so. Surprisingly, student runaround, confusion, increased service wait-times, and unfamiliarity with the institutional processes are only a few in the lengthy list of challenges that discourage these students from completing their academic journeys altogether or within the stipulated time.

The need to address these challenges and maximize student success has made institutions rethink support ecosystems. As a result, there has been a growing shift toward OneStop student service centers. Whether they are virtual or physical, the number of institutions are implementing them.

What Are One Stop?

One Stop is centrally-managed platforms that help institutions streamline their student support by bringing all the services on a single platform. Where earlier a student needed to visit three different offices to inquire about FAFSA status, Switchboard & Facilities issues, and a dysfunctional laptop, now he/she must visit only one, online.

One-stop student service centers basically unify multiple institutional departments like student services, academic affairs, information technology, and facilities. Because of this, these one stop models are expected to enhance efficiency, quality of service to students, and accountability as all the departments work more collaboratively now.

Five Reasons Why You Should Transition to One Stop Student Service:

  1. Prioritization of Self-Service: Did you know that 81% of the customers try to self-help before they reach out to customer service representatives? Besides bringing your students from standing in line to online, OneStop student services support centers allow them to leverage self-service technology where appropriate. This empowers your students to self-help while bringing down your institutional support costs.
  2. Significant Decreases in Wait-Times: With the growing trends across the academic campuses that require IT staff to do more with less, one-stop student services are the best bet. Centralized helpdesk support serves to decrease the wait-time for services as now multiple students can be served at the same time without the hassle of long queues.
  3. High Student Satisfaction Rates: Students can get their issues resolved simply by navigating through the centralized helpdesk support platform, which leads to higher student satisfaction rates.
  4. Greater Student Engagement: Students face difficulty in getting answers to basic questions when they must run around myriad offices to obtain information. One-stop student services ensure a better flow of communication across various departments and provide the students with a single point of contact for all the information they require, increasing accessibility and engagement.
  5. Fosters More Regular Communication Between Units: Due to the cross-departmental flow of information and data, moving to a one stop student service center allows academic advisors to see the bigger picture and support students more holistically.

In the same vein, we designed One Stop Services for Higher Education institutions to help them reduce the widening gap between student expectations of service and institutional capabilities. Our OneStop Support helps colleges and universities unify all applications into a single, easy-to-navigate, analytics-powered dashboard to drive institutional processes, build integrated ecosystems, and accelerate student success. An important part of our vision involves harnessing the latest technologies and providing self-service solutions to students.

Get in touch with us today to know more about BlackBeltHelp OneStop Support and how we can help you achieve student success!