Jan 15, 2018

Four Reasons Why Your College Needs Live Chat

In the fast-paced age we are living in right now, customers’ expectations from a help desk have reached a new high. They want immediate help. If you can’t resolve their issues instantly, the least you can do is listen to them, let them know that their problems matter, and pacify them that you are making sure their issues get resolved at the earliest. Providing support via mail and phone call anyway has become the default standard for customer services. To perform better, there is one more tool you can use. What’s quicker than a phone call, you ask? Well, live chat.

Listed below are four ways in which you and your customers can benefit from live chat.

Provide 24/7 Customer Service

We don’t need to reiterate how important customer satisfaction is for your business. One unhappy customer can cost you many. To avoid such a scenario, your customers should be satisfied with the services on the table. Live chat gives you access to be available round-the-clock. As soon as your customer asks a question, your agent reaches out to them with an answer. Specially, if you are an educational institution aiming to increase your institution’s enrollment rates, reaching out to your potential students instantly becomes very critical. Instant support ups the chances of a prospective student becoming an enrolled one.

Cut Down Help Desk Costs

Well, phone calls might be a sure-fire way of being heard but they aren’t free. They come with a cost to your business or your customers. Whenever an end-user calls your help desk, is put on hold for some duration, it has a certain expense, either for the customer or you, if you are using a help desk provider services. So, if the issues your end-user faces are resolved on the chat itself, unnecessary expenses over phone calls can be cut down. It’s a win-win for you as well as your end-users.

Increase Your Sales

Research shows that customers who use live chat are three times more likely to buy a product or a service than the ones who use other channels of communication to reach out to a vendor. If the customers have instant access to support, the chances of lead conversion increase. As a higher education institution, if you are there for the prospective students weighing different options to choose from and manage to cater to their needs, you are certain to experience an increase in the enrollment rates.

Live Chat is Efficient

On live chat, it is possible for a help desk agent to handle the queries of multiple customers at the same time which is not feasible over a phone call. Live chat also makes it easy for the customers to have access to solutions as they don’t have to wait over the phone in queues to get their problems addressed.

Basically, live chat is cheaper. It’s a great tool to capture and convert leads. It is efficient. It is easy to set up. Above all, it’s good for your organization!