Aug 07, 2020

HigherEd: Keeping Students Engaged with OneStop Support

Institutions have accepted the new reality of education; transformed teaching/learning approaches, rising student expectations, and the state government budget cuts for colleges and universities. This move has made the institutions consider ways to nurture relationships with students by simplifying their academic and services journey with OneStop support.

OneStop, in this new normal of education, has become the front line for responding to big change and modernizing the student experience. This student services model allows institutions to overcome the challenges of decreasing student engagement and shrinking budgets inherent in remote learning. It focuses on delivering a personalized and integrated student support experience while streamlining business processes, reducing costs, and improving operational efficiency.

Transforming remote education to a high-quality virtual learning experience

Students’ expectations will be high this fall semester as the seismic shift to remote learning deeply dissatisfied their educational experience. Institutions’ support staff are continuously scaling their services to deliver on the high demands of students virtually. With a 24×7 OneStop, institutions are creating an instant-access environment by delivering personalized student support via phone, chat and voice bots, SMS/text, live chat, web ticket, and email. This immediately helps in increasing the level of satisfaction and virtual engagement amongst students.

To help students navigate today’s dramatic shift, the OneStop model provides a number of advantages as discussed below:

  1. By providing various student services support at a single place, especially in such a large-scale transition, the OneStop model minimizes the support barriers for students and results in higher student satisfaction rates.
  2. It helps institutions in managing rising support requests and declining support budgets. The cross-trained staff are adept at handling all sorts of student support issues which reduces the support costs for institutions without compromising on service delivery.
  3. To provide students with a single point of contact for all the information they require, OneStop ensures a better flow of communication across various departments.
  4. The unified access to information allows academic advisors to see the bigger picture and support students more holistically.
  5. With an integrated, secure, and 24×7 omnichannel support platform, the overburdened staff can focus on more complex/pressing issues.

With one comprehensive online OneStop shop, institutions can streamline their student support by bringing all the services onto a single platform. BlackBeltHelp has been supporting over 200 institutions to keep up with the volume of student support requests, especially pertaining to repetitive issues round-the-clock.

Amidst the increasing student expectations and changing student demographics, Pasadena City College selected BlackBeltHelp to make all the support processes more inclined towards helping students. They decided to provide students with high-quality and consistent service to remove student barriers and increase the level of student engagement and satisfaction. With BlackBeltHelp as their OneStop provider, the college is delivering personalized, positive, and timely resolution to students’ issues while helping them achieve their educational goals.

“BlackBeltHelp always steps-up to provide immediate support to Pasadena City College’s students for the challenges that arise on Admissions, Financial Aid, and Enrollment. Having a reliable Contact Center where our students can talk to a professional well-versed in our campus procedures reduces anxiety and accelerates our ability to deliver information quickly”, Candace D. Jones, Associate VP – IT Services, Pasadena City College.

The Bottom Line is:

While the final impact of this unprecedented change is not yet known, implementing OneStop will provide a student-centered truly engaging experience. This will further minimize the impact of these challenging times and provide valuable support to the diverse needs of today’s students.

Watch the recording of “A OneStop Student Service Center for Modern Learners” to discover how a data-driven platform focusing on student-centric processes reduces/eliminates student support gaps in online learning.