Mar 26, 2018

How is AI Helping Educational Organizations Cut Costs?

After the reigning chess grandmaster Garry Kasparov defeated IBM’s supercomputer Deep Blue in 1996, he, in an essay for TIME magazine had said that although he could “smell, feel a new kind of intelligence across the table” yet he felt it be “inefficient, inflexible kind”. It gave him the impression that he still had a few years left, only to be proved wrong the next year!

Since then AI in higher education has come a long way and surpassed human abilities in various fields. We have a robot citizen in Saudi Arabia. Intelligent machines have automated and made the most complex tasks, simple. AI Chatbot/ Voice bots are performing our tasks for us. Medicine, Entertainment, Science- AI has changed our lives tremendously.

Notably, all the big companies- DeepMind, Magic Pony, Improbable, that promote Artificial Intelligence technologies have had their origin in universities. As a classic example of the eastern concept of circularity, now universities are set to be completely transformed by the technology that originated in their campuses.

A study by the research firm Research and Markets states that,

The artificial intelligence market in the US education sector is projected to grow at a (compound annual growth rate) CAGR of 47.50% over the next four years.

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