Nov 17, 2022

November 2022 BlackBeltHelp’s Monthly Product Updates

Welcome back to BlackBeltHelp’s monthly product updates!

In our quest to provide you with the best-in-industry student engagement products and services, we are continuously innovating and upgrading our technology. February has been another busy and exciting month of new client implementations, along with our product enhancements. 

Here is a rundown of the updates and features you can now leverage. All of this is carefully curated to streamline the processes further and help you get the most out of our products efficiently.

Have a look! 

Simplify – Student Worker Enhancements

Features added:

Take Ticket Ownership:

This allows a student worker to take ownership of an escalated ticket in queue before they started working on it.

This is a standard practice that avoid deadlock situation (one or more people are working on the same ticket).

All owned tickets appear in the login in user’s “My Inbox” view.

My Inbox

A section available to all the student workers where they can see the ticket in their ownership. A super admin can also assign tickets to assign tickets to users.

Reassign Tickets

A student worker can also reassign tickets if they were incorrectly assigned to their queue.

To reassign ticket, a student worker needs to take the ticket ownership.

To reassign, a student worker needs to choose the appropriate queue and the issue to reroute the ticket.

View all escalated tickets

A super admin gets this option, which allow them to view all the escalated tickets lying in the queue and ticket in any user ownership.

A super admin will also have an option to assign an escalated ticket to a queue or a user. This ticket will move directly in their bin.