Feb 26, 2018

On the Road to Increase Student Enrollment Support

Let us break it down for you. The higher education market is flooded with options. If you want to increase your student enrollments, you have to deliver exactly what a prospective student expects, at the right time along with the required enrollment support.

Now, the question arises: what is it that the students want? Well, you need to think like a student to arrive at the answer.

As a prospective student, you would want the right information to be delivered to you which ultimately helps you make the right investment. You would want your queries to be addressed and your doubts removed. You would expect to be valued by the organization you are aiming to enroll in.

There, you know the answer.

Your enrollment management strategy should be centered around these expectations.

Listed below are four rudimentary steps you can take to reach the right students, capture their interest, and convert them into qualified enrollments.

Go social:

Social media is there for a reason. Go ahead, use it to reach out to your prospective students. Most organizations leverage social media to establish a brand image, attract prospective students by posting pictures, videos of various events, activities that take place on the campus. What you need to ensure is that it is driving conversions also. Strategize how you can provide your prospects with rich information about your programs, courses at the right time through YouTube videos and other social networking sites.

You can also use paid promotions to reach a greater audience.

Make the right first impression with your website:

Your website is your first impression on a potential student weighing different options. A thorough evaluation of your website’s accessibility, ease-of-use, content, relevancy is the first step towards better conversion rates. Any student today has a medley of options to choose from which can get very confusing. You sure don’t want your website to add to that confusion. Your organization’s website should’ve clear answers to four questions- what all does a course entail, how much will it cost, how long will it take and what will the student get out of it.

Further, you should use the right keywords on your website to rank higher and reach a greater number of students.

Make enrollment support a priority:

If you want to see tangible results, you need to take concrete steps in the right direction. You can’t have a trial and error approach towards student enrollment support and expect miraculous results. Begin by crafting a proper enrollment management plan. Have required resources (advisors and tools) in place to answer students’ queries. For example, all the students don’t fall into the traditional category. Students, today, are working full time or part-time jobs to pay for their finances. That’s why you should have after-hours student support to cater to distance learning, continuing education students’ needs.

Be proactive about your approach. Communicate regularly with your prospects to ensure a greater number of conversions.

Be proactive:

Leverage data. For example, there might be some students who started filling an application and then left it midway or showed interest in some course. Utilize such data to reach out to these students and lead them towards process completion. Also, the game isn’t over with students enrolling. They are free to drop out anytime if they think they didn’t make the right choice. That’s why it is imperative to keep your students engaged in the learning process. For that continuous, proactive communication is the key.

These are some basic measures you can take to increase your enrollment. Besides these, every organization has its own unique challenges. Find yours and strategize how you can work around them. If you need expert help for enrollment support, contact one of our certified enrollment counselors!