Sep 29, 2022

September 2022 BlackBeltHelp’s Monthly Product Updates

Welcome back to BlackBeltHelp’s monthly product updates!

In our quest to provide you with the best-in-industry student engagement products and services, we are continuously innovating and upgrading our technology. February has been another busy and exciting month of new client implementations, along with our product enhancements. 

Here is a rundown of the updates and features you can now leverage. All of this is carefully curated to streamline the processes further and help you get the most out of our products efficiently.

Have a look! 

What’s New or Enhanced:

  1. Simplify Student Worker View Enhancements:

This release include Simplify Worker View which has features such as:

  • Closed Ticket View enhanced Ticket Classification added to handle OneStop and IT both ticket types
  • Closed Ticket View enhanced Dynamic Category Type Item (CTI) was loaded dynamically  

2. Product Customer Feedback form feature:

This release include ‘Product Customer Feedback form’, which has features such as:

  • Dynamic form for taking the feedback.
  • This survey come every time whenever a user logs out.
  • Feedback form can be enabled to any view (currently enabled for the implementation Manager view)
  • Captures Overall Experience with the tool.

3. Login Location Enhancements feature:

This release includes Login Location feature which allows user to: 

  • Captures user location(Country, State, City) where chat got initiated
  • Visually show in Country wise data
  • Drill down for the state and the city data to pin point and visualize the chat initiation

4. Moderator View – Bot Wrongly Answered Question form feature:

  • Show the form for sending wrongly answered question to the client bin to get the correct response.

5. Chat Client Enhancements:

Chat Client Enhancements are as below:

  • Search Languages in the languages dropdown to select language faster.
  • Most Spoken languages are populated on the top of the list.
  • Handling the Text sizes in a responsive way.

6. User Login History Feature:

This release includes Login history with following features:

  • Report for users login and logout history.
  • User’s feedback for the product usage for the session is available now.