Mar 23, 2018

Want to Reduce Help Desk Costs? Automate Password Resets

Password resets are simple to do. It takes only a few minutes to change one. While resetting passwords might not be complex, the sheer volume of password reset requests is overwhelming. At a time when IT staff is increasingly expected to do more with less, these password reset requests are an unnecessary burden on your organization’s fiscal position and human workforce.

Problems it causes for your help desk staff:

  • Wastage of important resources’ time.
  • If the help desk staff is unavailable after-hours, it would mean no resetting of passwords.
  • Increased help desk costs due to a large number of tickets.
  • Helpdesk staff may become bored or frustrated with spending so much of their time on elementary tasks.

Besides bogging down your IT staff, password reset requests cost your company a great deal of money. You would be surprised to learn how much passwords reset requests are costing you. According to research by Gartner, between 20% to 50% of all help desk calls are for password resets. This means you can save all the money that goes into addressing all these password reset requests. The question is how.

Automate password resets:

Your IT staff spends days on activities that a software robot can do in minutes. Why waste human resources and time when automation can do the job for you! Moreover, your staff might be great at handling these support requests but they may not be available 24×7. For example, an organization might not have after-hours support which means they won’t have anybody addressing the password reset requests after business hours. If this organization automates the process, besides dramatic cost savings, the end-user will have round-the-clock access to support in case of exigencies. As a result, customer satisfaction rates are bound to go up.

We decided to help our clients keep their end-users happy and cut help desk costs. That’s when we came out with our AI for Password Reset product.

AI for password resets:

Artificial Intelligence is one of the major technologies driving automation which in turn drives organizations towards success. We used AI to utilize these smart automation techniques to automate password reset requests. With our AI chatbot, you don’t have to wait for a customer service expert to get on the phone with you. It is present 24x7x365 to actively address your problems and help you resolve them. When compared to the expenditure incurred while hiring onsite staff, costs sustained during adopting and implementing our chatbot support are approx. half of the former. Institutions like Colorado Community Colleges System are already using it to cut their help desk costs and increase student engagement at their 13 colleges.

The bottom line is, automation is the future. The earlier we adopt it, the better adept we will be at it. While the help desk industry might be yet to fully capitalize on the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence, it is already helping us address password reset requests efficiently.

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