Feb 14, 2022

Why Higher-ed Institutions are Outsourcing IT Help Desk Support During the Hybrid Model

Can institutions upscale their IT help desk services without increasing the cost?

Absolutely yes!  
Outsourcing help desk services opens many new doors for higher education institutions to provide a consistent user experience and become highly efficient in handling student queries.  
Especially, in the current hybrid model of education in which more students are studying remotely, help desks are getting slammed with an unprecedented number of requests. Additionally, institutes have been forced to make budget cuts, which resulted in adding to the financial stress.  
A well-run, technologically advanced, cost-effective IT Help Desk became a ‘must have’ (rather a ‘nice to have). 

Onboarding IT Help Desk Outsourcing Companies is an easier and more cost-effective way to meet the challenges of today. It enables institutes to 
Improve Response Time 
Failing to quickly respond and resolve any technical issue leads to frustration for students who are used to having it all at their fingertips.  
Outsourcers proactively respond to any incoming queries and ensure that students can have their needs met quickly.  
Add a personalized touch to communication 
Outsourcers offer a wide range of communication channels like text, email, chatbot, and calls that enable quick access to information, any time, all the time.  
Focus on internal innovation 
The adoption of tech-driven solutions allows your staff to focus on critical matters, rather than scrambling to stay on top of mundane technical issues. his opens new doors of improvement and skill development for your existing staff.  
Reduce operational cost  
Automating the manual processes of addressing every query not only reduces the burden on the staff but also helps the institutions drive student satisfaction and staff productivity. Resulting in cost optimization through labor reassignment, automation, process efficiencies, and a consumption-based pricing model. 
Working with top help desk companies exposes you to numerous best practices that can make your institution run even more efficiently. After all, they have expertise in addressing your unique business needs in an expert manner.