Jan 22, 2018

5 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Your IT Help Desk

Outsourced IT support frees up your IT staff to strategize revenue-generating ideas and tend to various other tasks at hand. While you focus on your core competencies, your help desk addresses your end-users’ challenges. Their issues are handled by industry experts using the latest technology which increases your customer satisfaction rates and helps your business flourish. When you cannot be there for your end-users, your help desk is. Listed below are five reasons why you should outsource your IT help desk:

Round-the-clock support:

As an educational institution, your working hours aren’t limited to a 9 to 5 timeline. Your students, faculty, or staff might encounter some technical issues after normal business hours. A professional help desk ensures that your end-users have access to support round-the-clock. Unavailability of after-hours support can lead to unhappy customers and one unhappy customer can cost you many. When you outsource IT help desk support, you make sure that your customers’ problems will be heard and resolved immediately.

Faster resolution of end-users’ issues:

If you have professional help desk support, downtimes can be minimized considerably. There are no backlogs as the end-users’ issues are resolved as soon as they arise. Immediate resolution of your customers’ technical issues also increases your customer satisfaction rates.

Technical expertise:

While you may have IT staff who are adept at their jobs, outsourcing help desk support proves more cost-effective and comes with greater expertise. While your IT people might want to deliver faster solutions, they are not always equipped to do so. Finding a vendor that specializes in the industry relevant to you gives you an edge over your competitors. A professional help desk has all the right tools and technology which are crucial for solving your end-users’ technical problems.

Cost-effective solution:

While hiring a professional help desk might seem like an expensive investment, it is far cheaper than hiring regular IT staff for handling those particular issues. Besides, when you Outsource IT Help Desk Support, you let your staff focus on the tasks they were hired for. You don’t have to disturb their workflow and take them off of their business priorities to resolve issues that can easily be solved by the help desk agents.

Personnel management:

Well, when you outsource help desk support, you no longer have to worry about hiring or firing people. Your help desk vendor does the job for you based on what’s best for your business and what is in sync with your company culture. Professional vendors always have SMEs in the pipeline in case they have to replace or let someone go. In case of exigencies, your help desk has ample resources to address and resolve them at the earliest.

Basically, outsourcing your help desk helps you cut down IT costs while increasing your customer satisfaction rates.