Jan 18, 2018

Should You Outsource Your Help Desk or Keep It In-House?

Technology has fundamentally changed the way educational organizations function. With its infiltration in all walks of educational experience, there is an increased reliance on IT processes, including customer service. Educational institutions market their robust IT support frameworks to lure prospective students and retain the enrolled ones. Good IT environment is a significant criterion for potential students while choosing an institution. All in all, strong technological structures are important for students as well as educational institutions.

With the increasing importance of technology’s role in the educational sphere, more and more organizations are outsourcing help desk support. Hiring on-site staff is costlier compared to using outsourced services. The onus is on you to maintain a higher Return On Investment. Besides, you are responsible for your staff’s productivity. Thus, outsourcing help desk support is a better alternative than keeping it in-house.

Let’s us find out other benefits of outsourcing help desk support:

An efficient and cost-effective option:

Outsourcing help desk support proves to be quite cost-effective as the user institution doesn’t have to invest in specialized equipment required to establish a robust IT environment. The vendor already has all the IT tools required. Outsourcing IT support is a more efficient way of providing IT support as the vendor brings in the professional experience of handling support requests while leaving the in-house staff free to focus on the core competencies.

A better option for tier 1 support

It makes no sense to ask your IT engineers to solve Tier 1 support requests. It would be a total wastage of important resources’ time. That’s why companies that are growing rapidly prefer to outsource their tier 1 support rather than employing their specialized staff in addressing them.

Increases productivity

By taking the bulk of tier 1 requests off the table, a vendor leaves your in-house IT staff free to focus on your institutional objectives, making them more productive for your organization. When your IT staff is more focused on important tasks at hand, earnings are likely to follow. Increased revenue for the organization, in turn, will offset the outsourcing costs.

Helps streamline the help desk support

When you Outsource Your Help Desk Support, the whole IT infrastructure becomes streamlined. There are well-defined support processes. Your end-users have a clear idea about whom to reach out to for the resolution of their requests. Thus, outsourcing your IT Helpdesk is a better option than keeping it in-house.

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