Jan 05, 2018

After-Hours Help Desk Support- Does It Really Matter?

Successful businesses aren’t a fluke. They are successful because they deliver what the customers expect, at the right time. They actively listen to their end-users’ needs, demands and complaints. They inspire confidence by providing excellent customer service consistently and to be able to listen to your customers at all hours, your business has to have after-hours help desk support.

Exigencies can occur any time. There might be a network outage. An institution’s LMS can stop working. A student’s laptop might become nonfunctional. In case of any such downtimes, if your institution doesn’t have round the clock help desk support, your end users might have to wait overnight or maybe even over a weekend to get their issues resolved. Following are the three ways in which After-Hours Help Desk Support increases the credibility of your business and your brand value.

Sends out a message to your customers

You are essentially telling your end users that their problems matter. It sends out a message to them that you care about them. As a higher education institution, when your students have access to help desk assistance at all the hours, you are telling them that you care about the challenges they face and are there to help them whenever they require it. Anyway, use of technology by your students isn’t a nine-to-five activity. Some of them work part time or full-time jobs to pay for their education. In such a case, after-hours help desk support for your institution becomes indispensable.

Generates more revenue for your institution

Having after-hours help desk support increases student engagement. When your students’ problems don’t go unheard, they are likely to be more satisfied. Satisfied students are certain to stay in the same institution. Thus, the money that goes in the enrollment campaigns yields the expected results and transforms into increased retention rates for your institution. Increased retention and graduation rates mean increased revenue for an institution.

Increases customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is the primary aim of adopting after-hours help desk support. It helps you build credibility. Your end users start having faith in your institution when they know that you care about them. Customers getting support whenever they need it will be able to have timely resolution of their queries. Customers who have immediate support at all hours are bound to be more satisfied than the ones who don’t.

All in all, for your business to succeed, your customers should feel that their problems are significant and you are always ready to assist them in case there is an emergency. After-hours help desk support plays a critical role in ensuring that your customers have access to support at all the hours and your business flourishes as a result.