Mar 02, 2018

Here's How You Can Improve Your Retention Game

It isn’t easy being a student in this fast-paced, everything-costs-an-arm-and-a-leg age. Today’s students don’t have to contend with academic challenges only. There are finances to be managed, family-school-work life balance to be achieved. You sure don’t want to further complicate their already complex student journey. Besides, with the increasing costs of higher education, students’ expectations have also risen, and similarly, student retention required. If they aren’t pleased with your services, they will shift to some other institution where they will be. Or worse, they will be discouraged to give up completely.

Only 46 percent of the Americans finish college once they start!

That’s why Student Retention Services should be your institution’s top priority.

Proactive engagement for Student Retention:

Your students don’t want to be kept waiting. They don’t want to feel clueless about where they should go in case they need help. They expect immediate answers. So, if you have a laid-back approach towards their problems, they are more at risk of attrition. As an educational organization, you should be actively engaging with your students, taking cognizance of their issues, making efforts to resolve them immediately. For instance, you should be making use of text messaging instead of sending emails since most students prefer texting. You should have 24×7 help desk support so that your students don’t feel abandoned after-hours.

Predictive Analytics for Student Retention:

By analyzing data-driven patterns procured from predictive analytics, instructors can identify students most at risk of dropping out, the learning areas where they are facing problems, or are losing interest, and can design the courseware that helps them learn best. This timely intervention by the instructors helps increase student retention rates considerably and has significant implications for an institution’s fiscal position.

Adaptive Learning for Student Retention:

Anyone who has ever been in a class whether as a student or as an instructor knows that all students don’t learn at the same pace yet our courseware has been designed to do just that. In such an educational curriculum, there is no space to accommodate the wide skill/interest sets that different students bring to the classroom. Making use of data-driven findings, adaptive learning methods do away with the one-size-fits-all approach because one size doesn’t fit all. Adaptive learning facilitates deeper student engagement which is synonymous with better retention support.

The bottom line is that making use of data, analytics, technology to increase student retention is great but it alone won’t suffice. An institution has to have a holistic approach and really care if it wants to increase its retention rates. If you want professional experts to aid you in increasing your retention rates, speak to one of our representatives today!