Nov 24, 2017

Kick It Up Beyond 9 to 5 With After-Hours Help Desk Support

It’s 2 am in the morning. There is an exam the next day. Your institution’s LMS has contracted some technical issues. A number of your students are struggling with the login. They drop messages, call the IT department in vain.

It’s the weekend. Your faculty members have to update some e-courses on your institution’s LMS but they are unable to. They know it’s no use calling the IT department since they will be off duty.

Step in after-hours help desk support and both the issues are resolved!

Besides increasing the customer satisfaction rate, after-hours support develops customers’ faith in an institution. After all, end-users who have round-the-clock assistance are likely to be more satisfied than the ones who have to wait through the night or over the weekend to get their issues resolved.

How is after-hours support critical in the higher education space?

Ensures institutional success:

With everything becoming increasingly fast-paced, students expect prompt replies to their queries. Your failure to meet their expectations can result in them being frustrated and frustrated students have done no institution any good. Hence, after-hours support becomes imperative to ensure student and institutional success.

Shows your students that you care:

24/7 support availability shows that you care about your students. They know someone is out there, always ready to help. Immediate resolution of their queries strengthens their trust in your institution which means increased student satisfaction rates.

Increases student engagement:

There might be low service utilization during after-hours but that doesn’t reduce the value of the service. Round-the-clock assistance is imperative to retain and engage your students. Happy students mean better engagement which translates into better success rates for your institution.

Frees up your staff:

When an IT Help Desk takes care of your after-hours needs, it frees up your staff to tend to other tasks at hand. This increased productivity will generate more revenue for the institution and compensate for the costs of IT Help Desk services.

Gives your students a positive learning experience:

Students who have access to support at all the hours are bound to have a positive academic experience. Your response time to the technical issues faced by your students and faculty can have a significant impact on their learning and teaching experiences. Make sure they don’t feel abandoned by providing after-hours support.

Your students would have it easier if there was a single support platform they could contact, in case of technical emergencies. Outsource professional support if your own staff doesn’t have the requisite technical skills. Besides immediate assistance, and an easily accessible knowledge base created by a professional IT Help Desk provider is the best thing that can happen to a distressed student.

Help desk service providers, these days, specialize in different industries, and tailor their services according to the needs of their clients. In the higher education space, availing the services of a specialized help desk can yield great results for an institution.

After all, when IT Help desk needs are not confined to business hours, why do the services have to be!