Apr 30, 2018

Transform Student Experience with One Stop Student Services

One Stop Student Services, in the current academic scenario, aren’t just ornamental marketing tools, they are a must-have. A truly integrated student support experience is necessary to better assist the complex needs of today’s students. With the rapidly changing educational landscape, it becomes increasingly necessary to create a streamlined experience for your students and better leverage your staff resources and technology.

Besides battling institutional challenges like student run-around, duplication of services, confusion for students, the inconsistency of service delivery; one stop service centers come with a number of advantages for both students and institutions alike.

Some of the common benefits of one stop student services for today’s learners are:

  1. One Stop Student Services save your students from a lot of physical and virtual run-around. By providing all the services at a single location, physical or online, they decrease the number of students dissatisfied with waiting in long lines for service.
  2. Besides bringing students from standing in line to online, it allows them to leverage self-service technology where appropriate. It serves to create a place where students have access to a high-touch, holistic counseling experience that helps them with their student success.
  3. One-stop help desk improves the consistency of service and answers. It improves the student experience and helps better utilize overburdened staff.
  4. Institutions benefit from streamlined and more integrated student support. It is necessary to define your goals based on unique institutional needs first and then you should craft your approach accordingly.
  5. Students face difficulty in getting answers to basic questions when they have to run around myriad offices to obtain it. One stop support centers ensure a better flow of communication across various departments and provide the students a single point of contact for all the information they require.
  6. Institutions implement one-stops to increase low student satisfaction levels. Objectives of student success and student satisfaction should be defined first so that you can measure these with benchmarks like call and email response times and line reductions.
  7. Due to the cross-departmental flow of information and data, moving to a one-stop model allows academic advisors to see the bigger picture and support students in a more holistic manner.
  8. According to some institutions which already have one-stop student services in place, one of the biggest benefits of implementing a one-stop is improved staff experience. One-stops provide students with either the answers or the tools to get the answers so they can be self-sufficient which makes the satisfaction levels go up. Their needs go down and it makes the staff feels appreciated and successful at their job.

While one stop platform might come with some implementation and structural challenges, they are increasingly gaining currency in our educational campuses. These help desk centers are fundamentally changing the academic customer service in our institutions. With the support becoming student-centric, it is time we integrated our silo-based transactions into one-stop student services for a better flow of communication and data across different departments. Don’t you think?

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