Jan 28, 2019

The Use of Technology by Your Students Isn’t After Hours Help Desk

Changing student demographics and after hours help desk support

Most students today do not fall in the traditional 18-24 age cohort. They juggle more responsibilities than their predecessors, are older, earn degrees while raising families and work full or part-time jobs to pay for their education. All of these changes in the student body demographics mean that today’s non-traditional students don’t study at the same time, don’t attend all the classes on-campus and their usage of technology isn’t also limited to the regular business hours. This fact makes after hours help desk support services critical for students as well as institutional success.

Meet your student expectations

According to an article, 72% of the students leave a college or university because of poor customer service. The figure hints at the importance of 24×7 student tech support in a student’s lifecycle.

Besides, amidst the increasing commercialization and rising education costs, students want the best value for their money. They expect an institution to provide them all the skills that will enhance their prospects of getting a higher return on investment. While they are gaining these skills, students want the same customized, customer-centric approach they experience in the outside world. Thus, after hours help desk support becomes an indispensable service offering if you want to meet your students’ ever-rising expectations.

Should low service utilization during after-hours deter you?

Low service utilization during after-hours doesn’t reduce the value of the service. Only a fraction of your students might be facing tech issues after regular working hours, but this shouldn’t deter you from providing tech support even then also. As a higher education institution, you should have round-the-clock support to assure your end-users that they aren’t alone in their academic journey irrespective of the number of students availing it.

Moreover, after-hours help desk support helps you build credibility. Your students start having faith in your institution when they know that you care about their challenges and are available 24×7 to ensure a seamless student experience for them.

Ensure a positive academic experience with after-hours support

Emergencies can occur at any time. There might be a network outage. Your LMS can stop working. A student’s laptop might become nonfunctional. In case of any such downtimes, if your institution doesn’t have after hours help desk support, your end users might have to wait overnight or even over a weekend to get their issues resolved. This delay can have a significant impact on your students’ and faculty’s learning and teaching experience which is why you need after hours IT support. After all, students who have access to support at all the hours are bound to have a positive academic experience.

For example, understanding the importance of after-hours support, Grinnell College outsourced the services to facilitate an “anytime, anywhere access” support framework for its students. The move has not only improved the college’s student experience, but it has also increased its student satisfaction rates. Watch the webinar to learn how.

Increase retention rates, generate more revenue

When your students’ problems don’t go unheard, they are likely to be more satisfied. Satisfied students are certain to stay in the same institution. Thus, the money that goes into the enrollment campaigns will yield the expected results and translate into increased retention rates for your institution. Increased retention and graduation rates, in turn, will generate more revenue. Thus, after-hours IT support not only helps you increase your retention and graduation numbers, but it also has significant implications on your institution’s fiscal position!

BlackBeltHelp After-Hours Services: Always On, Always Available

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